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Bar A Day Kamata East

Bar A Day 蒲田東口店
〒144-0052 5-15-2, Plaza Cherio building 5F Kamata,Ota-ku,Tokyo,


Bar A Day Kamata EastKaraoke Party restaurant, provides fantastic food located in Kamata, Omori and Haneda Airport Area area.
  • Access: 1 min.walk from the East Exit of Kamata station
  • Price: ~ ¥2000
  • Menu Languages: 日本語, English, 한국어, 简体中文, 繁体



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Special Notes
The Karaoke Bar in Kamata East, Bar A Day, has the lowest prices in the district! All you can drink, All you can sing, and All the Dagashi (Small Japanese snacks) you can eat! The prices displayed include everything! Weekdays Women: 390 yen / 30 mins, Maximum charge 1,980 yen Men: 690 yen / 30 mins, Maximum charge 3,980 yen Friday/Saturday/The day before a holiday Women: 490 yen / 30 mins, Maximum charge 2,480 yen Men: 790 yen / 30 mins, Maximum charge 4,980 yen When you are here, there are no strangers, only good friends singing together! Why do not you come to Bar A Day for a good evening? Q. What is All you can drink system? We do not charge per drink, we charge by the hour. You can drink as many beers, highballs, cocktails, etc., within your decided time! (There is a charge for certain drainks like champagne, shots etc) Q. What is Maximum charge? Usually, the charge is calculated at 390 yen / 30 mins per each 30 mins segment. However, when the charge reaches the maximum (after staying for more than 2.5 hours), charges are not added after that. If you come in at 8 pm and stay for 12 hours until closing time, 8 am, the charge will be only 1,980 yen! (ex. Women’s weekdays price) It is a great price system for customers who want to enjoy long hours. Affiliated karaoke bar The Kanto-area has 4 Bar A Day stores! All stores are open 8PM-8AM Bar A Day Kamata West Bar A Day Kamata East Bar A Day Ikebukuro West Bar A Day Kawasaki Nakamise Street


Business Hours

Closed Day: Open Daily
08:00 PM ~ 08:00 AM
Open all year round